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Since completing an Honours Degree in Fine Art at the University of the West of England in 2000, Angie has exhibited in galleries in London, Oxford and Bristol. She has also exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy on three occasions during the last few years. Angie works from her studio in Bristol and spends time travelling to the Cornish coastline to paint and to be inspired.

Angie’s beautifully created abstract landscape paintings evoke contemplation and serenity. Her most recent work is inspired by the edges of the land: the horizon where the land meets the sea and the sky.

‘I particularly notice how the line between sea and sky is sharply defined in bright sunlight, yet fades away so as to be barely perceptible in wild weather. Hidden or obvious, to me the horizon is a reassuring constant, which divides, and also creates contrast, juxtaposing variations of land, sea and sky. I look up at the horizon - literally and metaphorically - and viscerally experience the limitless possibilities of the beyond.

For me as an artist, the horizons of the landscape provide a rich seam of ideas, inspiration and images for my work. Each painting is a journey, and often within each painting there is a journey also. During the last couple of years my work has become even more engaged with rich colour contrasts, the patterns of landscape and the importance of shape and edge. Every painting represents how I feel about a particular sense of place.’

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